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In Mathematics we have a universal language, valid, useful, intelligible everywhere in place and time.

In banks and insurance companies, on the parchments of the architects who raised the Temple of Solomon and on the blueprints of the engineer who, with their calculus of chaos, master the winds. Here is a discipline of a hundred branches, fabulously rich, literally without limit in its sphere of application… here is a creation of the mind, both mystic and pragmatic in appeal.
– Kasner and Newman (1979)


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In everyday, practical lives mathematics is indispensible.

Mathematics is the oldest of the sciences and those who choose to study it as an A-level subject like its challenge, its clarity and its ability as a subject to reduce many different, apparently complex problems into the mathematical formulations of similar form from which analytical solutions can be obtained. 

Mathematics is all about logical analysis, deduction and calculation and its great importance lies in the fact that it can take the patterns it finds and use them to explain and control natural events and situations.

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How Maths is
taught at Hurtwood

At Hurtwood House, Mathematics is a large, lively and outstandingly successful department. 

The teaching staff here ensure that not only do their students acquire the most important skill in the subject – that is, the ability to solve problems quickly, accurately and efficiently – but they also teach them why Mathematics is such a prestigious subject and the enormous range of its practical applications. 

At Hurtwood you will also learn that Maths is a structure of ideas which has a fascination and beauty of its own, and that it is also a means of understanding phenomena in the outside world, both in the physical sciences and in all areas of social, industrial, biological and economic activity.

It’s the teaching approach of the Maths Department at Hurtwood that marks it out as something special.

Not only are all our tutors dedicated and experienced, they also bring to their teaching an enthusiasm which is infectious. Maths works so well as a subject at Hurtwood because the staff have time for the individual, and the tutors make the course much more of a joint effort, rather than the ordinary student-teacher relationship which exists in so many classrooms. This is a subject where you learn by doing, and for this reason Mathematics learning should be ongoing and the retention of skills accumulative. What you need, and get, at Hurtwood is feedback on whether your approaches are the right ones and the use of continuous assessment through weekly class tests and topic tests is an important part of this process.


Mathematics sits well in any A-level portfolio. It demonstrates a feel for numbers, an active and alert mind. 

No wonder many of the greatest philosophers of our time have been Mathematicians! 

It is a must if you are thinking of applying for an Engineering course at university and some Business Studies, Economics, Architecture and Medical courses insist upon it. It has relevance to any Science or Social Science degree course and is welcomed by universities if you are considering Philosophy or Music.