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Business and Commerce is a highly relevant and fast-moving area in which to study and is constantly evolving to reflect the changes that are happening on an almost-daily basis in the world.

Never before have the worlds of business and commerce so affected the lives of the average person, from the obvious effects of the credit crunch to the global financing of terrorists, the movements of governments and companies as they look to control dwindling resources and their reactions as they endeavour to respond to environmental issues.


Taking the right decisions is the key factor which determines business success. The course concentrates on how managers can take effective decisions and the information they need to make the right choices.

How does Coca-Cola ‘think globally but act locally? Is the Body Shop right to adopt ‘green’ policies or would it make higher profits if it sold less environmentally-friendly products? Should BP be concerned about the company’s health and safety record? Students are encouraged to analyse and discuss these business situations to provide an insight into the true core of the subject – decision-making within organisations.

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Economics is an academic A-Level highly valued by universities, but it is also a subject that deals with vital matters concerning all of our daily lives.

This is not a theoretical, text-book subject, but one that can be observed in action every day in the newspapers and on TV programmes. Indeed, events mean that up-to-the-minute changes are monitored by frequently issued economics magazines and the internet. In short, Economics is an interesting, topical and popular A-Level.

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