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At Hurtwood House we encourage the individual to embrace art as a means of self-expression, freedom, life and imagination.

Art is the desire to create, to make send of the world and oneself. Since the dawn of civilization man has tried to capture the image of his surroundings and used a variety of media to accomplish this. Art is the communication of ideas, information and emotions, whether through drawing, painting or any other material that will leave a trace or a mark.

Trust your creative instincts

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It may seem strange to ask the question "what is a sketchbook?", because there are many different ideas about what the word means. The range of interpretations can be confusing and off-putting. Sketchbooks should be both enjoyable and serious. They require a degree of commitment from the beginner that may be quite daunting at first. 


Joe Hellman

The Enigma program offers a huge range of activities from wine tasting to a great range of sports. I hope to go on to complete an architectural degree.