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A picture
says more
than a thousand

A photograph can make a career, destroy a reputation, sell a car, justify a war, make us laugh or move us to tears.

The camera is an instrument of record and information but in the hands of a Richard Avedon or a Helmut Newton it is also a potent instrument of persuasion and a powerful artistic medium. 

Iconic pictures by photographers like Don McCullin and Robert Capa have also done much to shape our view of modern history: images of the marines hoisting the American flag at Iwo Jima, the naked child running from Napalm bombs in Vietnam, the twin towers burning, the 1966 World Cup team, Churchill’s victory salute – all captured in a moment of time through the photographer’s lens.

Since its inception photography has also been recognised as a major art form. Artists such as Cartier Bresson and Man Ray have shown us how to look at the world through new eyes. They inform. They provoke. They can delight us or dismay us. They paint with light and they repay study and appreciation.

This course may be for you as a future artist, photo-journalist, professional photographer or amateur enthusiast. One thing is certain – the skills and techniques you will learn will last for a lifetime and provide you with pleasure and fulfilment way beyond the confines of the A-level course.

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Who will 
teach you?


‘I have always been an "enthusiast" and have a real passion for the subject which I hope rubs off on the students.’

Simon spent over 7 years working in print  and reprographics for various companies before traveling around the world for 2 years. Originally a '4 colour planner' he reskilled himself when the industry became digital and PC based.

Always a keen photographer he returned to further his studies and also to work in education, initially as technical support before moving to Hurtwood as a practical and classroom teacher. Simon has worked extensively with students for their practical work in DTP, video and web design. Digital Photography encompasses a whole range of skills and practice allowing very impressive portfolios to be built.

‘I demand very high standards, and this has been shown in the results’

Tom Wichelow balances a freelance photographic career with his teaching days at Hurtwood house.  He has operated in the photographic industry for over 10 years and continues to work as a freelance artist and photographer for a variety of clients.  His work has been exhibited widely and printed in publications such as The Observer, The Independent Magazine, Dazed and Confused magazine, The Big Issue and Sleaze Nation. 

After several years in a number of jobs and several years on the road he graduated from the Brighton University Editorial Photography degree and has since taught photography at a number of establishments.  He is currently a Visiting Teaching Fellow at Sussex University.




Candidates will be required to demonstrate skills in all of the following:

  • the ability to explore elements of visual language, line, form, colour, pattern and texture in the context of Photography
  • the ability to respond to an issue, theme, concept or idea or work to a brief or answer a need in Photography
  • appreciation of viewpoint, composition, depth of field and movement; time-based, through such techniques as sequence or ‘frozen moment’
  • the appropriate use of the camera, film, lenses, filters and lighting for work in their chosen area of Photography
  • understanding of techniques related to the developing and printing of photographic images, where appropriate, presentation and layout.