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Life outside of the classroom at Hurtwood is just as diverse, colourful and exciting as life within. The range of opportunities on offer is vast and designed so that every member of our community can find something extra to do whilst they are here, no matter where their interests may lie.


What is The Enigma Programme? Well, put simply, Enigma is what most other schools might call “enrichment” or “additional studies”. On Tuesday and Thursday afternoons Enigma enhances your day to day world of curriculum, offers you experiential learning through a wide variety of diverse courses and provides interesting and challenging alternatives to your academic studies, ranging from recreation and lifestyle to fitness and creative and performing arts.

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ENIGMA runs in two different ways during the week. Between 5.00pm and 6.10pm on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, we offer a wide variety of courses for you to take part in. All students must do one course, but you can do both if you want to.

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On Friday afternoons, we move our focus towards broadening and enhancing your personal, social, health and economic education through our team of Friday Speakers and Lifeskills programme.

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Our visiting speakers don’t talk about things in the abstract; they have been there, seen it and done it and their first hand experiences cover everything from drug addiction and living with HIV/AIDS through to climbing Mount Everest, walking unsupported to the South Pole, cycling around the globe and storming the Iranian Embassy as a member of the SAS. 

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Hurtwood provides facilities for almost every aspect of interest that helps strengthen our passions and helps to broaden our horizons.

Lottie Ledger


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The Lifeskills Programme is here to equip you with the skills you will need to deal with real life as an individual:  interview technique, interpersonal skills, communication and leadership, emergency aid and road safety are all featured here. 

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Enigma has been created with you in mind and you only get out of it what you put in. Think beyond your immediate concerns, look to the future and prepare for it - we can guarantee that you'll find Enigma an enjoyable, rewarding and stimulating experience!


Enigma Courses


Create and EngageEnrichmentFitness, Health & WellbeingSkills for Life
Wine Appreciation Have We Got News For You Boxercise Micro-bakes
Knitting for Beginners Organised Crime Meditation and Mindfulness Self Defence
Digital Photography Learn a Language Pilates First Aid
Musical Theatre Board Games Relax 'n' Reflex Sign Language
Musicianship & Music Appreciation Book Club Dance Fitness Driving Theory
Screenwriting Economics Film Society Yoga Psychology
Theatre Sports Model UN Extended Gym  
Digital Photography World Cinema Mountain Biking  
Brick Cafe Linguistics Club Pole Fitness  
Dungeons and Dragons Investor Trading Jukebox Fit  
Hit Factory Politics    
Special Effects Makeup Economics & Business Films    
Hurtwood Muse Cult Film and TV    
Ukulele Jam      
Intro to Printmaking      
Jewellery Making      
Patchwork Cushions      




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