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What's on in March?


Monday 6th

Festival of Theatre 6th-17th March

Groups 1 & 2 performances for Festival of Theatre

Tuesday 7th

5pm School Council Meeting

8:45am 'Are You Exam Ready?!' Talk (for all A2's)

Wednesday 8th

Celebrating International Womens Day

Groups 3 & 4 for Festival of Theatre

Thursday 9th

Hurtwood Film Academy Interviews 

Friday 10th

Groups 5 & 6 for Festival of Theatre

Enigma: 'Planning a Gap Year' with Oyster Worldwide

4:45pm Trip to Guildford


Monday 13th

Groups 7 & 8 for Festival of Theatre

5:40pm Day Students' tutorials

Tuesday 14th

Hurtwood Film Academy Interviews

Media Studies moderation day (all day)

Football: Hurtwood vs Cranleigh School 4th's

Wednesday 15th

8:45am 'Are You Exam Ready?!' Talk (for all A1's)

Groups 9 & 10 for Festival of Theatre

Sports Awards Dinner at Cranleigh Golf Club

Thursday 16th

A2 Parent Webinar: Preparing for Exams 

Hurtwood Film Academy Interviews

Friday 17th

Groups 11 & 12 for Festival of Theatre

Afternoon Enigma: ‘Why do we need Bees?’ with Guildford Beekeepers Society

4:45pm Trip to Guildford


Monday 20th

A1 Theatre Production Technical Rehearsal

Tuesday 21st

(All Day) A1 Theatre production technical rehearsal

(Evening) A1 Theatre production dress rehearsal

Wednesday 22nd

Golf Trip to St Andrews

3:00pm A1 Theatre Production Performance 

7.00 pm A1 Theatre production performance

Thursday 23rd 

Morning: Econ and Bus trip to New York departs

Morning: Performing Arts trip to New York departs

All Day: Golf Fixture - ISGA Scottish Open

Friday 24th

Term Breaks for Easter



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