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Hurtwood House is offering a limited number of two-year A-level Performing Arts scholarships to boarding students in September 2024, one at 50% off the fees, two at 25% off the fees and three at 10% off the fees.  The major scholarships are awarded to students auditioning in all three of the disciplines - acting, singing and dance.   

Clearly, we are not expecting students of this age to have received a great deal of formal vocational training, but we are looking for evidence of outstanding talent and natural skills.  We are looking for young people with enthusiasm and commitment who would make a positive contribution to the Hurtwood Theatre during their time here. 

Scholarships are awarded for the full two-year period of the student's A-levels, but will be subject to review at the end of the first year.  Although successful candidates will not be expected to take A-level Theatre Studies as part of their A-level programme, they will nevertheless be expected to take a full and active part in the extra-curricular Performing Arts programme, and to contribute to all major school productions. 

Before auditioning for one of these scholarships, it is necessary for students to come for an interview, so if you decide you would like to apply for a scholarship and have not already visited the school you should contact the school secretary to arrange an appointment.  Once you have had your interview, you may complete the scholarship application form and return it to us so that we can enter your name onto the list of candidates for the next audition.  Please note that a reference from your present school will also be required, and this will be written for on receipt of your completed application form.


Auditions for the 2024 cohort will take place early 2024. Applicants must have already been for interview prior to the auditions and we suggest that you book this before December 2023. Please contact us for further details.. 


Hurtwood prides itself on the warmth of its relationships and its ability to engage closely with the hopes and aspirations of each individual student.


We would like to make this process an exciting and stimulating one. We want to see how you work creatively with others, as well as more formally as a performer, so we have put aside a day when you can meet our staff, work with us and get a flavour of the Performing Arts at Hurtwood.  

The panel will consist of

Andy Johnson (Director in Residence)

Doug Quinn (Head of Performing Arts)

Nick Larkin (Musical Director in Residence)

Susannah Robertson (Head of Curriculum)

Cosmo Jackson (Headmaster)

Richard Jackson (Founding Headmaster)

Tina Jackson (Head of Admissions)



You will present your work to us on your own in our Theatre Studio space. We would like you to perform EITHER a classical piece by Shakespeare OR a modern speech that lasts no longer than two minutes in length. (We will stop you after this time)

After you have performed the piece we will direct you to see whether you can explore other ways of doing it.


You should learn and prepare two contrasting songs. One pop and one musical theatre choice is ideal. An accompanist will be provided but you must provide the sheet music for both songs, fully written out for piano accompaniment and in the key in which you wish to sing. (The pianist will not transpose at sight.)

Important note: Do not choreograph your songs extensively. The panel are looking for your ability to make an emotional connection in acting terms and to tell the story of the song - simply and to dramatic effect.



There is no need to choreograph a special piece as you will take part in a short class that explores a variety of dance styles and techniques. Be prepared to work barefoot! You may bring along soft ballet shoes/jazz shoes if you wish. Please ensure that you wear sensible/dance clothes.


Hurtwood House offers five A-Level Maths/Science scholarships. There are three at £500 per term, one at £1000 per term and one at £2000 per term, and they would be awarded to particularly gifted students for the full two-year period of their A-Levels. The successful candidates would be expected to take one or more of the A-Level Sciences and/or A-Level Mathematics as part of their A-Level programme.

Scholarship procedure

Scholarships will be awarded to candidates based on performance in our scholarship examination in the Sciences and Mathematics, on an interview at the school and on a reference from the relevant teacher or teachers at the student’s present school. Students may sit a general paper covering Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or they may choose to specialise in one subject only. It would be helpful if applications were supported by a reference from the relevant teacher or teachers at the student’s present school.

Please contact The Headmaster to arrange a Maths/Science scholarship.