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This is the Hurtwood House blog, dedicated to creating a voice to share ideas, opinions, and original work, all from the students and staff of Hurtwood.

Any contributions of creativity are welcome – from cultural articles to photography, from reviews to original music.

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What school did you attend before Hurtwood?

Before Hurtwood I went to a school in my hometown in Germany called Main-Taunus Schule.


What subjects and additional courses are you studying?

I’m studying Economics, Media Studies and Theatre Studies. I’m also taking additional singing, dance and acting classes.


How do you think it has helped you develop academically?

I think the small classes and the direct focus on individuals in lessons combined with the challenging tasks we get helped me the most. In Media, I like the fact that I have been taught by professionals in the industry and have been exposed to incredible filming facilities.


How do you think it has helped you develop as a person?

I think Hurtwood made me become much more independent, as Hurtwood expects you to take responsibility for yourselves as well as be a considerate member of the boarding community. One of my proudest achievements was getting the part of Juliet in the School’s production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.


What do you like most about the teaching at Hurtwood?

The best thing about teaching at Hurtwood is the relaxed atmosphere in the classroom with strong focus on the individual, as well as challenging tasks that keep you on track and make you work hard. Teachers teach beyond the exam curriculum and are always willing to see you outside class time on a one-to-one basis.


What do you like most about the Hurtwood community and lifestyle?

The thing I like most about Hurtwood community and lifestyle is the friendly atmosphere between all members at Hurtwood and the international feel as you are exposed to a diverse range of cultures and nationalities. I also appreciate the fact that I am allowed to choose the activities I want to participate in, rather than be forced into an area that I know I will not pursue later in life.


What is the most exciting thing for you personally about being at Hurtwood?

The most exciting thing for me about being at Hurtwood is constantly being challenged and having the opportunity to grow as a person. For example, I was thrilled to become a member of the Hurtwood Acting Company and this year I am the assistant director of the A1 production.


How do you think Hurtwood will help you with your ambitions?

Hurtwood helped me hugely with achieving my ambitions as it provided the best training in acting I could have wished for and helped me grow as a person by constantly challenging me.


Where are you planning to go on to after Hurtwood (Uni and beyond)?

I have been awarded a place at Drama School after Hurtwood.

Carlotta Banat

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