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This is the Hurtwood House blog, dedicated to creating a voice to share ideas, opinions, and original work, all from the students and staff of Hurtwood.

Any contributions of creativity are welcome – from cultural articles to photography, from reviews to original music.

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What school did you attend before Hurtwood?

Sylvia Young Theatre School


What subjects and additional courses are you studying?

English Literature, Media Studies and Theatre Studies.


What attracted you to Hurtwood in the first instance?

I had friends who were auditioning and I asked whether we could see the Christmas show when I was looking for colleges. I came to watch Chicago and thought it was fantastic and arranged an interview straight away.

From my interview I knew that this was the place I would want to attend and after my audition a week later I realized that I needed to come here. I was lucky enough to win a full scholarship and I do not regret a thing, I feel so privileged to be here and I love it.


What do you like the most about Hurtwood House?

The freedom that you get from everyone, you can be your own person and you can be individual. I love doing the productions and I like how everyone has different talents in different areas, I love talking to new people and learning new skills.

I love the sport at Hurtwood too and I have played in the football team since I came, I feel honored to take the role of captaincy next year and I will hopefully lead the team to more victories.


How do you think it has helped you develop academically?

I feel that, especially in Theatre studies, I have learnt a huge amount as at my last school we would learn different techniques and we would devise different pieces but here I have learnt about all of the main practitioners that has made acting what it is today.

I have learnt so much more than I thought was possible and I am shocked at how much goes into acting and how much you need to do when you perform to make it more powerful and engaging.


What do you like most about the teaching at Hurtwood?

I like how relaxed it is and I appreciate how they allow you time to get your work done and they don’t put much pressure on you to hand it in, the teachers allow negotiations and it helps you complete work more easily with less stress. The lessons are very interactive as well, making it easier to learn subjects. I like how you don't need prior knowledge of a subject to learn the content.


What is the most exciting thing for you personally about being at Hurtwood?

Personally, the most exciting thing for me would be the amount of productions and shows that I can get involved in. As I came here for theatre and for performing I love the amount of shows that occur, I love being in the shows and showing my parents and hundreds of other people what I can do. I get exited to show my friends and family what I get up to and to show them that I do work hard and I want to make them proud.


In what ways do you find Hurtwood better than your previous school?

Hurtwood is 100% a more mature and sophisticated school than my last school and I feel that here I can express myself more and I can show people what I love to do. I love every aspect of Hurtwood and I have loved my first year.


How do you think Hurtwood will help you with your ambitions?

My ultimate ambition is to be an actor both on stage and screen and I feel that studying at Hurtwood will help me reach my goal. I will attend drama rehearsals and meetings next year that will help me prepare for interviews and auditions for Drama schools.


Where are you planning to go on to after Hurtwood (Uni and beyond)?

I’m planning to apply to RADA, Bristol Old Vic and Royal Central School London, I just want to get myself out in the world and get noticed by the right people in the acting world.

Callum Henderson

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