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This is the Hurtwood House blog, dedicated to creating a voice to share ideas, opinions, and original work, all from the students and staff of Hurtwood.

Any contributions of creativity are welcome – from cultural articles to photography, from reviews to original music.

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creative keira

What school did you attend before Hurtwood?

I attended Discovery Bay International School in Hong Kong.


What subjects and additional courses are you studying?

I’m studying English Literature, Dance and Theatre Studies.


What attracted you to Hurtwood in the first instance?

Coming from Hong Kong, a country with limited performance opportunities, I was looking for a school that had the facilities my previous school didn’t have. A school that would allow me to study dance and theatre at a higher level, rather than just as an extra curriculum activity.

After discovering Hurtwood, I read about the amazing theatre opportunities and the large range of dance classes offered here and, unlike any other school, Hurtwood excelled both in academics and the performing arts. Which was an important factor for me when choosing the ‘right’ school!


What do you like the most about Hurtwood House?

Hurtwood has become such a big part of my life after being here for two years. There is so much I have enjoyed about going here.

Surprisingly, I love the hectic timetable we get because it means that there is always something going on everyday, whether it’s rehearsals or activities or Enigma sessions. We always have something to do throughout the whole day, which is something I really enjoyed.


How do you think it has helped you develop academically?

At Hurtwood, the classes are small and intimate, meaning we get more intensive and focused class time with our teachers. It also means that we grow a strong relationship with the other students and the teachers, which always makes the lessons more engaging and motivating for us, as students.

So that’s why, since coming to Hurtwood, I have been much more focused and determined with my workload and studies, which has helped with my exams and my grades. Also, the weekly grading system, which seems daunting and overwhelming initially, has actually helped me enormously to keep on track with all my classes and ensure that I don’t fall behind on anything.


What do you like most about the teaching at Hurtwood?

One thing that surprised me when I first arrived was that we only call our teachers by their first name and not ‘sir’ or ‘miss’. Just small things like this made such a difference with our relationships with our teachers and made the whole class environment a lot more casual and less ‘school-like’ and strict.

The teachers that I had at Hurtwood were all exceptional and amazing people, who not only motivated me to continue studying, but they were also extremely passionate about what they taught and how they taught it, which I thought had a large impact on my learning.


What do you like most about the Hurtwood community and lifestyle?

What I love and will definitely miss about Hurtwood is that everyone is so unique and different. Everyone’s lives are so diverse and interesting because we either come from across the world or just down the road from Hurtwood. However, no matter where we come from, it’s amazing to see so many people with such amazing backgrounds and stories.


What is the most exciting thing for you personally about being at Hurtwood?

I love all the shows and performances that go on at Hurtwood all year round. The biggest being the musical at Christmas because it brings everyone who takes part together, so that the first year students can get to know others and the school itself in such an exciting way and it’s a good way for the second year students to say goodbye to Hurtwood.


In what ways do you find Hurtwood better than your previous school?

My previous school was great, but Hurtwood has just overall had such a huge impact on me, not only my studies and grades, but has also allowed me to learn more about myself as a person and grow in so many ways. I am so thankful for all the experiences and opportunities I have been given during my time at Hurtwood and I’m going to miss it so much when I leave!


How do you think Hurtwood will help you with your ambitions?

Andy Johnson has brought in outside teachers and ex-students from RADA and Drama Centres to come and help with the audition process and give us valuable advice. So, I’m extremely grateful for everything that Hurtwood has done to help me with the beginning of my career.


Where are you planning to go on to after Hurtwood (Uni and beyond)?

I will be attending the University of Surrey in September to study a Theatre Major and a Dance Minor.

Natasha Christensen

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