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Known within China as the HD Schools, the first Hurtwood House China campus opened in August 2014 in the city of Ningbo. We now have schools in Shanghai and Beijing, and a new Qingdao campus opened in August 2018. Our story will not stop here. Our existing schools will continue to grow rapidly, and plans are already afoot to open new schools in other Chinese cities.

The development of Hurtwood House China can be seen as an extension of Hurtwood House’s commitment to quality and its spirit of ingenuity, which has seen it break new ground educationally for well over half a century. Amongst international brand transfers, Hurtwood House China is a pioneer. We were the first UK brand to introduce a dual immersion curriculum, enabling Chinese passport holders to benefit from our unique educational offering. We are leading the way in what we believe to be one of the most exciting educational projects of our time – namely the education of Chinese nationals, in a Chinese context, but with a bilingual vision.

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Through our bilingual and bicultural approach, we aim to nurture global Chinese citizens – individuals who retain a profound respect and knowledge of their own Chinese culture and language, while also possessing the linguistic skills, cultural awareness, and qualifications to be successful in an increasingly globalised environment. Underpinning this aim and our broad approach is our motto – Education Creates Character.

We are respectful of the need for academic rigour, but also recognise that education is broader than this: it is about the individual students and their enjoyment of school; it is about creating an environment where creatively is fostered, collaboration is encouraged, and critical thinking nurtured; it is about providing opportunities for students to develop new skills and interests outside the core academic curriculum. We firmly believe that a broad, balanced, and caring approach is required for education to succeed in creating character.

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HD Beijing

HD Beijing is superbly located in the Dongba area, northeast of Beijing City. Dongba is found within the City’s Chaoyang District, which is developing into Beijing’s new international CBD, complete with high-end commercial and recreational spaces. The School opened in September 2017and will eventually grow to accommodate 600 students aged 3 – 10. Work is underway to try to establish an additional campus close by to enable HD Beijing to offer a complete K12 bilingual solution for parents.

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HD Shanghai

HD Shanghai is located in the City’s Songjiang District, widely regarded as the cultural root of Shanghai. The School opened in September 2016, and will eventually grow to accommodate 2000 students aged 3 – 18. Work is currently underway on the second phase of development, which will see the introduction of specialist upper-secondary teaching spaces and facilities, as well as boarding houses.

HD Ningbo

After its high-profile launch in 2014, HD Ningbo School has quickly established itself as the City’s leading bilingual school. The School is located in the Yinzhou district of Ningbo, a high-end residential and commercial area only thirty minutes from the city centre. As of September 2017, HD Ningbo has classes open in each year group, with its first group of students due to sit their A Level examinations. At capacity the School will accommodate 2000 students, with boarding available to students from Year 4.

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Our Founding School - Hurtwood House UK

Set on a beautiful two-hundred acre site in the Surrey Hills, Hurtwood House is one of the UK’s leading independent, co-educational boarding schools. The School is driven by a passion for creativity and a respect for academic rigour, offering its students a truly holistic learning experience that prepares them for university and life beyond.

Hurtwood House has an outstanding academic track record. For the last two decades, the A-level results have put Hurtwood ‘among the cream of the country’s best schools’ (Financial Times), consistently appearing at the top of the league table for co-educational boarding schools ahead of many of its most illustrious rivals. With over twenty subjects offered at A-Level, students benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum. The range of subjects available stands as testament to the importance Hurtwood places on empowering individual students in their decision making and learning.

Students at Hurtwood achieve more than just excellent academic results. The School’s commitment to providing an all-round education ensures that students leave equipped with the skills, interests and confidence to succeed at university and beyond. Hurtwood, for instance, is a centre of excellence for the performing and creative arts, providing unrivalled opportunities for the aspiring actor, singer, artist, fashion designer, composer or filmmaker. Alongside Hurtwood’s academic results, the achievements of its alumni illustrate the strength of the School’s holistic curriculum. The Hollywood actress Emily Blunt and the composer Hans Zimmer are just two examples of former students who have gone on to reach the top of their field. Our link with Hurtwood permeates our schools at all levels from governance and management to classroom practice, extra-curricular vision and the staff appointment process.