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Working in fine-art Textiles is a passion. No other artistic medium gives you the same satisfaction of the tactile and visual pleasure.

in fine-art
Textiles is a


It offers the artist a wonderful variety of textures, colours, richness of surfaces and the ability to be able to fully explore all three dimensions. 

At Hurtwood we believe that students can, through careful guidance and clear demonstrations, be taught a broad range of diverse textile techniques, including basic skills of drawing and observation. 

We have high expectations of our students and this is reflected by the excellent examination results that have been achieved and the high percentage of students that gain access to Foundation and Degree courses in Art and Design both in the UK and abroad. 

Over the past 5 years, of the 107 students entered for the A-Level Textile examination – 103 have achieved grade A passes and last year our students were commended for having achieved the highest marks possible by the examination board.

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How Textiles is
taught at Hurtwood


At Hurtwood House we encourage our students to develop their own ideas in an adventurous, inquiring and experimental manner. 

However, we realise that they first need to have a good, clear understanding of a broad range of techniques and approaches to the subject. The first term resembles an Art Foundation course. Many people say they find it hard to draw and wish that they were better at it. This sort of comment reveals a preconceived notion about what constitutes a ‘good’ drawing. 

Are you seeking more accuracy with scale and form or perhaps a truer likeness? Do you want to create more mood and atmosphere? Or are you interested in the exciting possibilities of mark-making? We believe that there is no secret formula or special talent needed to learn the skills and techniques of good drawing. 

Our students develop their own personal style and technique through an exciting teaching programme that emphasises individual experimentation, risk-taking and the element of learning from our ‘mistakes’. All of the teaching staff are practising artists who enjoy working alongside the students, clearly demonstrating all the processes involved with each new technique. 


The art department consists of four, specialist, well-equipped studios situated in an idyllic location. 

An artist needs to be inspired by his surroundings and the studios provide a lively, stimulating and vibrant atmosphere for lessons. Groups are kept to a sensible size, usually about 8 students to a class. This ensures that everyone receives individual attention. Visits are arranged to the London galleries and exhibitions and to art colleges. Our aim is to give all our students a sound, basic education in Art so that they are able to take A-Level in their stride and be fully prepared for the next part of their careers. Each year many of our students gain admission to major art colleges and universities both in the UK and abroad.