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At Hurtwood we look to shock, amaze and challenge our students, not only through work within the course, but through exposure to a range of other theatre experiences and extra-curricular activities.

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Straight Drama Productions

For A1 students, there is an Enigma option especially for those that are serious about straight drama. An auditioned ensemble of some of Hurtwood's finest A1 actors perform in the summer term at the local Cranleigh Arts Centre, directed by Ezra Hjalmarsson, one of our resident drama teachers and directors. For A2 students there is an auditioned ensemble which works to produce a production which is performed in the Easter term and directed by Paul Bown & Adrian Rawlins, two more of our drama staff.

Student Led Work

Students are encouraged to write and direct their own work and where possible this is showcased informally with all the full artistic and technical support that Hurtwood can offer.

Backstage/Technical Theatre

The technical support for our production is outstanding and the designers and operators we use are top notch. The equipment that we own and hire is state of the art and we have a dedicated team of full-time technicians providing support for all our productions. These work alongside the industry professionals we import to work on specific projects. Students regularly go on to study Stage Management and Technical Theatre at the top colleges, and we strive to make students realize that what happens behind the scenes is as important as what happens onstage.

Private Acting Classes

Students can take one to one acting skills sessions with peripatetic actors and directors who will work with them on developing their techniques. We also have extensive complimentary sessions to prepare students for drama school auditions including a showcase to perform their efforts to their peers alongside a selection of agents and casting directors invited from London.

Hurtwood Festival of Drama

In the spring we have a run of plays and monologues which are part of the Theatre Studies academic exams. Students work hard to put on their own productions which are open to the public and also assessed for their A Levels.

The Christmas Musical

This is not just any school play. Our aim is to take you on a journey which ends up as near as possible to a full on professional West End experience. It is something of an occasion, running for two weeks and attracting a large regular following which includes agents and casting directors.

This is a huge event involving up to one third of the school and a whopping big budget to support the show. Whether it's a classic like West Side Story or Guys & Dolls, a popular compilation show like All Shook Up or We Will Rock You, or one of our own devised adaptation like Cyrano, every show we present has a generous sprinkling of Hurtwood creative magic which brings an originality and excitement to the work. we see this as something you will want to remember for the rest of your life!

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