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How To Be An Undercover Reporter


The renowned investigative journalist, criminologist and documentary maker Donal MacIntyre was at Hurtwood this week talking to our Sociology and Psychology students about undercover reporting.

The Irish star of ‘MacIntyre Investigates’, ‘A Very British Gangster’ and ‘Donal MacIntyre‘s Murder Files’ is now also a Professor of Criminology. He detailed how to investigate everything from drug gangs to abuse in care homes and gave students an insight into the creation of false identities. Donal, an expert in how to infiltrate worlds as diverse as the elite fashion industry and football hooliganism, analysed the the psychology of criminals and the ethics behind investigative journalism. How not to break the law in the process was key and led to many a question from the audience. A charismatic man of many talents Donal also explained what it is was like to be runner up in both ‘Dancing on Ice’ and ‘The Jump’!

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