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Eat Your Heart out Jane Austen - Here Comes LEGALLY BLONDE


OMG! Girls just want to have fun in this Christmas show, and so, thank goodness, do the boys, as well as the audience. 

IMG 9327

Make no mistake: this is serious fun. This is laugh-out-loud, smile-all-the-way-through, high-octane fun, high kicks, gold-lame hotpants (eat your heart out Kylie) fun, that is also seriously truthful satire that leaves no irony unaddressed, no cliché about gender intact.  If Jane Austen had written a musical, this could just be it.  Like our very own Shakespeare, she always understood, that real men and women want more than just arm-candy, and that the ‘merry (sexy) war’ between us is so often one of brains and spirit!  For one fabulous evening political correctness be damned: this play pivots on glorious, truthful, deeply shallow and flawed humanity, where in the end everyone ultimately gets what - and  who - they deserve.

This is a play of excess.  Too much of everything?  Yes – thank goodness.  So don't analyse, just enjoy. This is the light at the end of long term and tough year.  This is the ultimate pick-me-up: see it if you possibly can.  Dress in pink, add something sequinned, fluffy and tight, bring along a small yappy dog, and get ready to party Hurtwood style. It's blonde, it's legal, and it's serious fun.