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Hurtwood’s Finest Coming to a Cinema Near You!


If you are going to the cinema this week, you are more than likely to be enjoying the work of Hurtwood ex-students Rose Glass or Emily Blunt. Film critics and audiences across the globe are lauding their latest projects, which are currently dominating the silver screen.

Director Rose Glass’s new film was released on 3rd May to rave reviews including five stars from both The Guardian and The Telegraph. The Sunday Times stated, ‘Kristen Stewart gives the performance she’s been wanting to give her whole career’ in Rose Glass’s ‘Love Lies Bleeding’ which it describes as ‘a cross between the Coen brothers’ ‘Blood Simple’ and ‘Thelma & Louise’.

Rose also co-wrote this jaw-dropping and gruesome psychosexual thriller which portrays Stewart as the reclusive gym manager Lou, whose love affair with an ambitious body builder (Katy O’Brian) ignites violence and murder in the New Mexico desert.


Love Lies Bleeding Poster
Fall Guy

Rose started her journey in film here at Hurtwood making opening title sequences and pop videos in A Level Media. She also led a Hurtwood film crew to Hong Kong where she made the documentary ‘Sweeping the Graves’, exploring local traditions and their relevance in the modern world. This was as part of Hurtwood’s Film Academy ‘a film school within a school’ which takes filmmaking above and beyond the specification of the A Level.

If action comedy is more to your taste, watch Emily Blunt team up with ‘Barbie’ star Ryan Gosling in the ‘The Fall Guy’. In this latest blockbuster, Gosling plays a daredevil movie stuntman and Emily plays the stern director with whom he is in love.

It can only be a matter of time until the Hurtwood stars align and Rose Glass directs Emily Blunt – you read it here first!