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School Statement Regarding The Black Lives Matter Movement


Here at Hurtwood we have had some time to reflect on recent global events and the positive growth in awareness of the #blacklivesmatter movement.

We have listened to our student body and are grateful that they have felt able to approach the leadership team with their observations, suggestions and concerns about how and what we, as a community, are doing, haven’t done, and will do to support the message.

It is simply not enough not to be racist and that being actively anti racist is what is required in order to effect lasting change. We believe that all people should be treated with dignity and respect and we stand in solidarity with BAME communities both locally and globally.

We are dedicated to continuing to learn and educate about the ways discrimination affects lives and to actively respond to help achieve a racially just and diverse society. We are unequivocal in that we will not tolerate racism and we acknowledge the role that schools can play in dismantling systemic racism.

We have made progress, but we also know that there is much still to be done. We will listen to our community and consult to drive change and equip our students and staff with the knowledge they need to understand and address these complex social issues and to be aware of and combat racism.