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From Hurtwood to US Department of Justice


Discover the journey of Hurtwood academic, Alex Kalim, on his voyage from the Surrey Hills to Washington.

Alex Kalim2

Having graduated from Hurtwood in the late 90’s, Alex furthered his education at Sussex University and King’s. After stints in a public policy ‘think tank' and working with a judge, then progressing to a Trial Attorney at the US Department of Justice in Washington, he now finds himself in Georgia as an Assistant United States Attorney. An exceptional journey that Hurtwood is proud to be a part of. 

As well as being a strong academic during his time at Hurtwood, Alex also got involved in a variety of productions, most notably in the cast of the Christmas show ‘Cabaret’. Rather excellently, Alex notes that the appreciation of the arts that Hurtwood introduced him to directly set him up for a highly effective court performance, in terms of commanding and controlling attention. He cites Hurtwood as a “unique experience, one that trains you up for when the gloves are off”.  

It’s no secret that Hurtwood excels in uncovering and developing theatrical talent, but it is wonderful to see Hurtwood alumni operating in world-changing environments. 

Stay tuned for more Hurtwood alumni stories from all walks of life.