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Hurtwood Rolls Out The Red Carpet


Hurtwood does it again! The 2023 Media Production Awards took place last Thursday at Dorking Halls and what an excellent evening it was, showcasing the wonderfully creative talent at Hurtwood.

DSC 0053 1

On a dark and drizzly evening, Hurtwood students lit up Dorking with their vibrant films. The atmosphere was electric as the best of the best in music video and film were crowned. These videos are industry standard and year after year the bar is raised - a massive congratulations to all involved!

Check out the winners in each of the categories below:

Best Art Direction in an Opening Title Sequence – ‘Visitor’

Jonathan Irwin, Bea Holder, Molly Gatley


Best Art Direction in a Music Video – ‘It’s All In My Head’

Mia Kendall, Cornelius Baum, Delia Dong, Zoe Case


Best Editing in an Opening Title Sequence – ‘Sacrifice’

Raul Barter, Grace Prichard, Lucy Wilson


Best Editing in a Music Video – ‘Dial Tone’

Saskia Pattinson, Alice Silver, Sienna Friend & Daniel Barta


Best Cinematography in an Opening Title Sequence – ‘Please Mind The Gap’

Emilie Rowley, Molly Palmer, Rufus Gleave


Best Cinematography in a Music Video – ‘Hell’

Sophie Clapton, Asher Garcia, Joy Jiao, Elias Lara-Minot


Best Sound Design in an Opening Title Sequence – ‘Breaking The Surface’

Millie Hulse, Natalia Friedrich, Peony Rothwell


Best Music Promotional Campaign – ‘I Ought To Kill You’

Adam O'Connor, Ailsa McIntyre, Molly Cadman, Izzy Cohen


People’s Choice - Best Opening Title Sequence – ‘Milo's World’

Angus Oliver, Pippa Williams, Charlie Burke, Emma Bailey


People’s Choice - Best Music Video – ‘All Yours’

Caitlin Shapcott, Bea Roberts, Vita Cherepanova


Best Opening Title Sequence – ‘Looted’

Grace Wood, Megan West, Hannah Hu, Alex Chefranov


Best Music Video – ‘Clam Chowder’

Meadow Armiger, Daisy Katesmark and Isabella Pearce-Molland


To view the full live streamed event please follow this link - https://bit.ly/4264Jnb